PSICO2 changes everything. Until now, CO2 extraction was thought to be only for producing Vape Pens. Our patented CO2 extractors are the only systems that can produce the complete line of concentrate products: Shatter and pull’n’snap, crumble, wax, vape pens, distillate, edibles and more. Mechanical engineers designed current CO2 extractors for foods and perfumes. They don’t understand the complexities of what makes a great concentrate. PSICO2 systems are engineered around the chemistry needed to make high purity concentrates. We started in the industry and have worked hard to engineer a design that can produce what your customers want.  We want you to succeed and will make sure that you have everything you need to make a strong product line. From developing standard operations to product selection and development, we treat you like the family.  Reach out today 

Don’t fall into the trap of buying a CO2 extractor designed for food or perfume, instead join the PSICO2 family and produce extracts your customers really want.

    • The highest flow rates available.
    • Dual Chamber Design for Continuous Operation.
    • Highest concentrations possible with a single process of unsurpassed purity.
    • Highest terpene profiles and optional integrated terpene trap.
    • Several Models available for when you grow, double your output with each upgrade.
    • Turnkey options available.
    • Support equipment.
    • Long Term Product Support & Training.
    • Financing available.
    • Open source networking and support marketing for our PSICO2 customers.