Who We Are and Why CO2 Extractors

Matthias Crandall – Innovator

Matthias Crandall

Matthias Crandall

From the Great Northwest, Matthias has worked closely with those building the industry. From his first work in the industry, he found a natural groove that has turned into a road of innovation he could have never imagined. He began looking at Supercritical CO2 extractors and started the process of research and development for a more efficient design. After years of experiment and computational analysis Paradigm Supercritical Innovation was founded, ensuring the Patented innovation would be accessible to those with  their roots in the community.

“I recognize this is more than just business, it’s about bringing a new economy. I want to keep the industry in good hands, and it starts with making a platform of reasonable price points that people can afford.”

PSICO2™ Extraction Systems carries this mission. Our unique PSICO2™ systems make CO2 extraction practical. If you have the supercritical CO2 extraction fever, we want to help you fulfill your goals.

Talk to us. We are family. We can help!

Tom M. – Entrepreneur

Tom M. has been an entrepreneur and business owner since 1984, specializing in the industry start-ups and business consulting. Tom met Matthias in 2011 and it was quickly realized that working together was a natural next step.  Acknowledging that our innovative design needed to be made available to the industry as soon as possible, they began planning to bring the vision of PSICO2™ Extraction Systems to light. With Tom’s expertise in business growth and his love to create positive customer relationships, PSI is well on its way as a leader in customer service and integrity.