PSICO2™ REBEL-CO2 Extractor

The Rebel
This PSICO2™ system is more efficient and more affordable than a standard CO2 extractor four times its size. Utilizing two 2 1/2 liter chambers and our patented inline fraction system, it has all of the benefits found on our PSICO2™ systems. High-quality extracts, high volume production, no ethanol winterization required. Perfect for the artisan or start-up company. This extraction system processes 1 lb every hour and fifteen minutes with a limit of 15 lbs of trim per collection. Extracts average a 70% THC concentration at 13-15% yield. Make shatter within just a few hours of extraction, cutting out the extensive post processing time and equipment.

Patented Inline Fractioning, designed specifically to capture cannabinoids, with concentrations sitting at 70-80% cannabinoids right out of the collection chamber. Concentrates produced on the Rebel CO2 extractor don't require ethanol to produce shatter, gain access to our open source network to learn our truly solvent free production of vape juice. Your competition will be left behind as you collect up to a three-quarter of a gram per minute.

DUAL CHAMBERS, for increased production. You can process from one to ten chambers all in one collection, no shutting down required between chambers. Why spend money on an overpriced 20-liter CO2 extraction system when you can spend less money and outperform it by up to five times using a PSICO2™ Rebel?

It's simple math
PSICO2™ extractors save you 30% of your extract that you would normally lose to winterization. Using two smaller chambers is more affordable and increases your production ability from a batch-wise operation (processing one chamber per collection) to a continuous feed(process up to 10 chambers in one collection) operation. PSICO2™ extracted, CO2 perfected!

  • 2x2.5 Liter capacity (~3 lbs)
  • 2900 psi
  • 0-65 C
  • Flow rate 7.31 L/min at 2900 psi
  • Operation: Continuous
  • Recirculating system
  • $65,495