PSICO2 Systems Patented Design Gives Quality Results

PSICO2 Extracted™ products are cleaner, higher in terpenes, and contain the full range of cannabinoids when compared to standard CO2 extractors.* This is due to a fundamental difference between standard CO2 extractors and PSICO2 extraction systems. Standard systems may have differences in automation or components, we have engineered something to specifically produce what your customers want. We work closely with our customers to continue our innovations and develop new concepts that meet our customer’s needs.

Extractions that are produced on a PSICO2 system are full spectrum and can be used straight out the collection chamber. The extracts look different two, higher stability, higher concentrations that resemble a hydrocarbon extraction, not the sappy goop that you only have one option with, vape pens. Standard CO2 extractors produce extracts that require additional treatment with solvents, this strips away all the good and leaves a bland flavorless product and results in losses up to 40%.

PSICO2 Extractors produce superior, cleaner concentrates. without the need for additional processing.

The lab results shown are taken from a PSICO2 Extracted™ Concentrate. Notice the full spectrum terpene and cannabinoid profile! PSICO2 Extracted™ concentrates give all the benefits of the parent plant.* Interested in a system? Fill out the form to get started


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For pure, high-quality concentrates look for PSICO2 Extracted™ on the label!






*Terpene and cannabinoid content is determined by their availability in the plant material used.