PSICO2™ Systems Quality CO2 Extractors-Quality Results

PSICO2 Extracted™ products are cleaner, high in terpenes, and contain the full range of cannabinoids.* This is due to a fundamental difference between traditional CO2 extractors and PSICO2 extraction systems.

Traditional CO2 extractions require additional treatment with solvents to strip away the impurities that those systems also extract. Unfortunately, this also strips out the naturally occurring terpenes and as much as 40% of the product.

PSICO2 Extractors produce superior, cleaner concentrates. without the need for additional processing.

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The lab results shown are taken from a PSICO2 Extracted™ concentrate. Notice the high terpene and cannabinoid profiles! These confirm that PSICO2 Extracted™ concentrates retain the full complement of cannabinoids available.*

For pure, high-quality concentrates look for PSICO2 Extracted™ on the label!

*Terpene and cannabinoid content is determined by their availability in the plant material used.