NCIA Tech ​Award for PSICO2 Extraction Systems


CEO and innovator of PSICO2 Extraction Systems talks with NCIA’s Bethany Moore after being awarded the NCIA 2017 Tech Award. He shares the story behind the patented innovation of this game-changing CO2 extraction technology and his company.

From CannaRadio’s website:

NCIA’s Bethany Moore speaks with Matthias Crandall from Paradigm Supercritical Innovations [makers of PSICO2 Extraction Systems]. PSI was awarded for Best Technology in Infused Products and Extractions at the NCIA’s CannaTech Awards held at the 2017 Seed to Sale Show.

PSI focuses on CO2 Extraction technology to minimize time and maximize yield in the extraction process. Matthias also shares his story behind the launch of his start-up company and the success he has achieved in the extracts industry.

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