Forget what you know

CO2 systems on the market today are botanical oil extractors

Most systems on the market only provide a maximum pressure of 2000 psi, too low  for effective cannabinoid extractions. Botanical oil extractors use a collection method that is outdated and inadequate.  Collection steps of this method require the CO2 to be evaporated off so the final extract can be collected. This process is painfully slow and collects impurities along with the extract. Users are often forced to heat the collection chamber to speed up the evaporate process, destroying many of desirable compounds. An extensive purification process called “winterization”” isolates the cannabinoids by removing unwanted waxes. Most winterization is done using ethanol and it too must be evaporated off in order to separate and collect the extract. Just one more step a botanical CO2 extractor is required to perform that is time consuming, strips terpenes and leaves a low quality extraction.

Paradigm Supercritical Innovations went to work designing a system that addressed and provided solutions for these problems. In 2014, the first PSICO2 extraction system was designed. As a simple protype it was built and engineered for pressures that maximized cannabinoid solubility. Soon our patented collection system was constructed, and in no time it was removing the impurities and producing amazing extracts. By utilizing laminar chromatography within the inline fraction system the end result was an extract that retains the desired terpenes and minimizes unwanted waxes and fats. The PSICO2 systems collects the highest quality extracts up to 5 times faster, wax, crumble, shatter, diamonds and distillate, making sure that CO2 could remain practical in today’s market.

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