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Our patented CO2 extractors are uniquely engineered for producing flavorful medicinal and recreational concentrates. More . . .

PSICO2 Intimidator CO2 Extractor
PSICO2™ Intimidator CO2 Extractor
2×10 Liter,
process 72 lbs daily
PSICO2 Renegade CO2 Extractor
PSICO2™ Renegade CO2 Extractor
2 x 5 Liter,
process 36 lbs daily

PSICO2™ Rebel CO2 Extractor 
2 x 2.5 Liter,
process3-20 lbs daily.

PSICO2 Bandit CO2 Extraction System
PSICO2™ Bandit CO2 Extractor 
2 x 1.5 Liter,
process 1-10 lbs daily

PSICO2 Sidekick CO2 Extractor
PSICO2™ SideKick CO2 Extractor
1 Liter Benchtop, 
Process 1 lb in 3-4 hrs


Terpene Trap

Integrated option available single pass collection

NCIA Technology Award

The NCIA awarded Paradigm Supercritical Innovations the Technology Award for their PSICO2 Extraction Systems, which “Revolutionize essential oil extraction, eliminate downtime, and increase production with unsurpassed purity“, said Aaron Smith, NCIA’s Executive Director.

Oregon’s Matthias Crandall CEO of Paradigm Supercritical Innovations and designer of the PSICO2 Extraction Systems accepted the Technology award for ‘Honoring Technology Development in Infused Products & Extractions’ at the presentation ceremony during the Seed to Sale show in Denver February 1st, 2017.

“The product produced from [this] system is unlike any other” 

From A Valued Customer
Jason Gilbert, President of Nature’s Path Wellness dba Nature’s Path Extracts and Big Karma Medicinals.
 “Since the first phone conversation with Matthias I’ve felt completely part of the family. That has remained consistent throughout our relationship.  The product produced from his system is unlike any other Supercritical System, as a matter of fact, I would have to call his system hyper-critical. I’ve worked with plenty of materiel from conventional Supercritical CO2 systems that simply will not perform what we are able to achieve in stability… For that we are grateful to have a Leading Edge on the non-volatile shatter Market, and very happy to be part of the Paradigm Supercritical team !!!”

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