Patented CO2 extractors designed for cannabis.


The PSICO2 extraction systems: 

  • Produce the full spectrum of extract products including wax, crumble, shatter, pull 'n' snap, distillate diamonds, and more.
  • Average a 70-80% THCa or CBDa concentration directly out of the collection.
  • Extracts fewer waxes requiring only a 24-hour winterization process(a 72-hour winterization process is typical with other systems). 
  • Come with dual chambers that are alternated for a continuous operation. 
  • Have a large collection chamber that allows for the collection of up to five chambers, only one shut-down is needed. 
  • Are scaled proportionally, regardless of its size the extraction takes approximately 90 minutes per chamber.
  • Offer affordable design options with each system, save up to 35% by selecting a modular design that is assembled on-site.        





Each model can be upgraded with add-ons:

  • Terpene trap captures terpenes while extracting cannabinoids, additional process is not required
  • Additional Collection chamber ideal for continuous around the clock processing
  • Automated processing, start-up and shut down, valve control, data acquisition, and remote monitoring. 

Larger capacity systems are available as a modular setup or Pilot plant design, depending on the scale. As mentioned, the modular setups are 65% of the list prices (Does not apply to upgraded costs). Modular setups can be customized with the following options:

  • extra chambers or single chamber
  • Larger capacity extraction chambers
  • Optional transfer line material