PSICO2 Sidekick Pre-Order Special extended

Save up to $6000 on this CO2 Extraction System

Make shatter in a day with PSICO2 Extraction Systems

Plant to shatter within 24 hrs

Your response to our PSICO2™ Sidekick Extraction System pre-order offer has been so tremendous that we’re able to extend it through the end of January.

The Sidekick, our single chambered 1 Liter desktop system is just like all our PSICO2™ systems. It has a production ability more efficient than a system three times its size. This means that we are offering you the best deal the industry has to offer.


  • Inline fraction system, targeted collection
  • Ideal pressures and temperatures for extracted material
  • Produces faster than a 3 Liter system
  • Extracts industry-specific engineering

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*Financing available

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