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Patented CO2 Extractor

Nationally recognized for revolutionizing the extraction industry because our patented separation technology produces extracts five times faster,  produces an extract of unsurpassed purity**, and eliminates downtime. These are the first systems on the market made specifically patented for plants in the Cannabaceae family.

What should be considered when purchasing a supercritical CO2 extractor, deciding can be an intimidating process. The technology is a relatively new application for our industry and the lack of information can make anyone feel uncertain. Not to mention, a high level of technical knowledge is required to make a successful extraction program. From pressure ranges to system capacity, there are many things that need to be understood about CO2 systems.

PSICO2™ Extraction systems make your job easy. With a basic understanding has been made it becomes as easy as arithmetic.

So let’s begin.

Let’s start with the properties of CO2, understanding its abilities as a solvent is critical in deciphering what is what. CO2 has a unique property that makes it’s a practical solvent. Unlike most liquids, with CO2 you can easily manipulate its density by changing the pressure, so long as the temperature is above 87 degrees Fahrenheit or 32 degrees Celsius. An increase in pressure increases the density where an increase in temperature will decrease the density. As a generalized concept, the heavier and more viscous the target compound, the higher the temp and pressure required to perform an efficient extraction. The capability to fine-tune the selectivity for a compound is what gives CO2 an exclusive property from other solvents. Unfortunately, technology has treated CO2 like any other solvent when designing CO2 systems and this resulted in high priced equipment that hardly stands up to the abilities of systems using other solvents. Imagine spending a $100,000.00 or more for a supercritical CO2 extractor. It has automation, and all the bells and whistles to catch your attention. You load 900 grams in one chamber, press a button and walk away. Never realizing that a complete extraction would require 10-15 hours of processing. After this 10-15 hours, not including a long decompression, only then would you be able to open the system to collect your extract. Typical yields would be about 100 grams, or 12% when compared to the starting weight of the material. This ten long hours would produce an extract with concentrations ranging from 30-45%. The low-quality extract would be contaminated with insoluble fats, pigments, water, and other unwanted compounds. The extract produced can’t be used at this stage without being winterized in order to refine it and remove fats and waxes. An additional $30,000.00 worth of ethanol processing equipment must be purchased in order to bring the product up to user standards. To make matters worse, winterization can take 3-4 days, strip out the terpenes, and cause a loss of 40% of your extract, ouch! That leaves you with about 60 grams of usable product in ten hours that is equivalent to an ethanol extract.  It becomes clear from this example that a competitive gain is not to be had with traditional CO2 extraction systems.

PSICO2™ Extractors change all of this.PSICO2 Rebel

The PSICO2™ systems are CO2 extractors are engineered to perform faster than any other system on the Market. The solvent ability of CO2 is predictable and doesn’t change from one system to the next. For every liter of CO2, it can dissolve about 0.1 grams of extract. And, the faster you can move a liter through the material, the faster you can complete the extraction. This means the pump flow rate and the rate of separation of CO2 by evaporation from the extract will determine the rate of extraction. Our patented collection method eliminates the time needed for slow evaporation and increases the pump flow rate. Our modest 2 x 2.5 liter Rebel Co2 extractor can process about 6 pounds of trim in 8 hours, this is more than 5 times faster than other systems equally sized.  The high production Intimidator can process 24 pounds in 8-hours. Our patented inline-fraction technology gives us the ability to make the smaller system more efficient and effective. The stock systems all come with dual chambers to allow for a continuous-feed operation. Each chamber can be isolated during the extraction to change the flow to the other chamber. You can empty and reload one chamber while the other is processing. Run a single chamber of trim or run four, all without having to make a collection. The patented Inline Fraction System(IFS) is engineered to give the highest flow rates and refines the extract, giving you a concentrate that is ready to use crumble right out of the collection chamber and vape pen oils with minimal post-processing. Want Shatter or pull’n’snap? No problem, the only CO2 system that can make it happen. No additional ethanol equipment to purchase, no waiting long periods to refine the product. PSICO2 systems produce extracts that resemble butane products: Shatter, crumble, and honeycomb with average concentrations of around 70% THC concentration and an amazing terpene profile. Simply place the extract in a vacuum oven to make shatter, or leave it as a raw crumble. If these kinds of products you are after, then call us to learn more about our CO2 extractors or fill out the form to connect with our team Connect

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**NCIA‘s Awards ceremony.