The PSICO2 Extraction Community Begins Here

There is a lot of CO2 extraction information circulating, some good and some bad. This can make it a challenge to wade through and decipher the information that is really pertinent. In conjunction with our efforts to bring a new CO2 technology engineered for the industry, we’re also building a community of individuals that share our vision of an informed, responsible, and growing industry.

We are launching this series of blogs for the purpose of connecting the PSICO2 Family and industry at large. The more knowledge we share the more we develop a strong and thriving industry.

This is a group effort. We have a collective obligation to implement practices that will leave future generations with an industry that we can all be proud to pass on. So, let’s begin that journey together. Join me as we learn what in the world the CO2 industry is all about. We invite you to submit posts, videos or audio that contributes valued information for our industry’s development.

How CO2 Extraction Began

Industrial use of CO2 as solvent began to gain attention in the 80’s. Primarily used for food grade oil, perfumes as well as pharmaceutical applications. The technology was straightforward and an ideal solution for many industrial operations.

When the producing products for the medicinal use industry first moved into the public arena, butane extraction had taken a strong lead as the preferred method for making concentrates. We looked to CO2 with high expectations and high hopes (no pun intended). Unfortunately, that pre-existing CO2 extraction technology does not deliver. In some cases, the end product has concentrations as low as 25% and rarely higher than 50% THC. You could get better results with bubble hash, or ethanol, which have traditionally been thought of as less desirable products when compared to butane extracts.

There is an inconvenient solution: take that low-quality extract, refine it with ethanol or acetone and throw it in a vape pen. Viola! People would never know the difference. And that is what they did.


It’s quite simple. Traditional extractors weren’t made to produce the kind extracts that we seek in our industry. They were designed to make oil you eat or put on your body, not concentrates that you can vaporize and inhale. So, that is what you have out there now. Folks using a bunch of food processors, trying to make hash. The low pressure, low flow systems that exist out there, just won’t cut it.

“. . .using a bunch of food processors, trying to make hash”

That is where PSICO2 extractors are something different. We have engineered CO2 extraction technology specifically for extractions used in medicinal and recreational products. A system that collects faster, purer extracts more efficiently. We have the highest flow rates for systems of their capacity. Our smallest system has a flow rate of about 10.4 L per minute maximum. On average the food grade systems have flow rates of 2-3 liters per minute maximum. So I ensure that even with a smaller PSICO2 system you can out-produce your competition. — Matthias Crandall, CEO


What are your thoughts? Have you ever had a CO2 extract that you liked? Are you using a CO2 extractor and want to share your experience? Does a system retrofit interest you? Please let us know in the comments below.

(Keep an eye out for our next blog: Which pressures and temperatures, and how the F@#$ should I know?)

Matthias Crandall, CEO
PSICO2 Extraction Systems

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