Collaboration is the name of the game.

The ants go marching on.

One of the principles that the cannabis industry has been built on is the idea of collaboration and treating each other like family. With the climate of the today’s market, both recreational and medicinal legal states need collaboration more than ever. The costs involved in setting up a proper facility, getting equipment, licensing, marketing and advertising are on the rise, and it doesn’t appear likely to stop anytime soon.  The industry will continue to grow and big money will inevitably start to dive in, potentially drowning out small businesses. Keeping the industry locally driven is one of the biggest reasons collaboration must be practiced. Local companies that band together offset costs needed to compete and success can be realized. There is strength in numbers and if we work together the big money companies won’t have such a negative impact on the local economy.

Are you interested in collaborating? We are working growers and dispensaries that want to collaborate in starting an extraction facility. Give us a call to join the family.  1-866-262-5678

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