PSICO2 Sidekick Pre-Order Special extended

Save up to $6000 on this CO2 Extraction System

Make shatter in a day with PSICO2 Extraction Systems

Plant to shatter within 24 hrs

Your response to our PSICO2™ Sidekick Extraction System pre-order offer has been so tremendous that we’re able to extend it through the end of January.

The Sidekick, our single chambered 1 Liter desktop system is just like all our PSICO2™ systems. It has a production ability more efficient than a system three times its size. This means that we are offering you the best deal the industry has to offer.


  • Inline fraction system, targeted collection
  • Ideal pressures and temperatures for extracted material
  • Produces faster than a 3 Liter system
  • Extracts industry-specific engineering

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What Sets PSICO2 Extraction Systems Apart?

By Celeste Salazar, Senior Associate.

I have been asked many times,”What is it that sets PSICO2 systems apart from other CO2 extractors on the market?”

I would like to say that PSICO2 systems are unlike any other CO2 extractor because you are able to create a product that is more comparable to the butane extracted products. We have designed a system that will process faster than any other comparable CO2 extractors and produce shatter in less than 24 hours. I have listed some of the benefits of the PSICO2 systems;

  • Shorter prep time (no grinding material)
  • Efficient processing time (1# in 1 hr 15 min)
  • Patented collection method (we use a pressure gradient to collect as much as 0.75g/min of target substances)

    Plant to Shatter within 24 hrs.

  • Easy post process – use only a vacuum oven for shatter. (there is no need for winterization with the patented purification from our collection chambers)

We have designed a system that is ready to demonstrate its amazing capabilities!

PSICO2 Extraction Systems partners with all of our customers to ensure they can produce the best possible product, and financing is available.