PSICO2™ Bandit-CO2 Extractor

The Bandit

This PSICO2™ system is faster than a standard CO2 extractor three times its size. Utilizing two 1-1/2 liter chambers and our patented inline fraction system, it is engineered with all of the benefits found on our PSICO2™ systems. High-quality extracts, high volume production, at a fraction of the price.  Perfect for the artisan or start-up company. This extraction system processes 1 lb every 2 hours with a limit of 7.5 lbs of trim per cycle. Extracts average 70% THC concentration and have an efficiency that gives a 13-15% yield. Make shatter within just a few hours of extraction, cutting out the extensive post processing time and equipment.

Inline Fraction Technology
 engineered specifically to capture and refine cannabinoids, with concentrations sitting at 70-80% cannabinoids right out of the collection chamber. PSICO2™ extracts don't require winterization to produce shatter. Your competition will be left behind as you collect up to a half a gram a minute. 

Dual Chambers engineered for increased production. Process anywhere from one to ten chamber all in one collection, no shutting down required between chambers. Why spend money on an overpriced 10-liter CO2 extraction system when you can spend less and outperform it using a PSICO2™ Bandit?

It's simple math PSICO2™ extractors save you 30% of your extract that you would normally lose to winterization. Using two smaller chambers is more affordable and increases your production ability from a batch-wise (processing one chamber per collection) operation to a continuous feed (process up to 10 chamber in one process) operation. PSICO2™ extracted, CO2 perfected! Does this look like the system for you, if so fill out the for to get started, or continue the tour

  • 2x1.5 Liter capacity (~1.5 lb)
  • 2900 psi
  • 0-100 C
  • Flow rate 4.12 L/min at 2900 psi
  • Operation: Continuous
  • Recirculating system
  • Certifications available
  • UL listed components
  • ASME manufacturing standards
  • $79,995.00