Our patented CO2 extractors are the only systems that produce the complete line of concentrate products: Shatter and pull’n’snap, crumble, wax, vape pens, distillate, edibles and more. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a CO2 extractor designed for food or perfume, instead join the PSICO2 family and produce extracts your customers really want.  

  • The highest flow rates available. 
  • Dual Chamber Design for Continuous Operation.
  • Highest concentrations possible with a single process of unsurpassed purity.
  • Highest terpene profiles and optional integrated terpene trap.
  • Several Models available for when you grow, double your output with each upgrade.
  • Turnkey options available.
  • Support equipment.
  • Long Term Product Support & Training.
  • Financing available.
  • Open source networking and support marketing for our PSICO2 customers.