PSICO2™ REBEL-CO2 Extractor

The Rebel
This PSICO2™ system faster than a standard CO2 extractor four times its size. Utilizing two 2-1/2 liter chambers and our patented inline fraction system, it is engineered with all of the benefits found on our PSICO2™ systems. High-quality extracts, high volume production at a fraction of the cost. This extraction system processes 1-2 lbs. an hour with a limit of 15 lbs of trim per cycle. Extracts average a 70% THCa concentration and productions giving a 13-15% yield. Make shatter or pull’n’snap within just a few hours of extraction, cutting out the expensive post processing time and equipment.

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  • PSICO2 Rebel
  • Operation cycle: 2 hours per chamber, continuous
  • Capacity: 2 x 2.5 liter
  • Extraction rate: 0.75 g/min
  • Pneumatic pump flow rate: 7.31 liters per min liquid CO2.
  • Pressure: 3000 psi
  • Certifications available
  • UL listed components
  • ASME manufacturing standards